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We've just wrapped up our 10 week spring session of Weekly Live Streams  on a variety of Oracle APEX topics.

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About the program

Weekly Live Streams

Weekly interactive events on a variety of topics. Tune in to catch our world class APEXperts share their secrets and give your their top tips.

Community Forum

Join us in our community forum after the live streams, where our experts will continue to engage and answer your questions or comments.


We'll keep things moving fast and discuss tools and techniques we believe make the difference between being a good APEX developer, and a GREAT one.

Productivity Tools

April 23rd, 2 pm EDT

We all have our own ways of working, and most of us have favorite tools we use on a daily basis.

In this first episode, Jorge and Martin will share some of their recent discoveries, revisit old classics, and share what they love about the tools they use, and what they're looking forward to incorporating in their daily practices.


Repos and Deployments

April 30th, 2pm EDT

In this not-to-be-missed session, Vincent and Neil will discuss how a brand new local repo gets started.

How to share it, how to collaborate. What would a regular sprint release cycle look like?

They'll also reveal the tool they us that helps them level up the quality of his team's APEX code.

Peer Code Review

May 7th, 2 pm EDT

When peer code reviews are done well, they result in better code, fewer bugs, more informed and productive developers, and money saved.

Join us in this session where we'll get a close-up look at Rich and Lance going through a code review. 

Whether you're already doing code reviews, or not sure where to start, you don't want to miss this session!

El Insider! Sesión en español

May 12th, 2 pm EDT

En esta edición del Insider, David y Jorge tendrán una plática sobre cómo monitorear cambios de código en una aplicación APEX. Conversarán un poco sobre “Control de Versiones” y de la herramienta que utilizamos en Insum para saber exactamente qué cambios ocurren en una aplicación APEX.

Adding 3rd party design libraries to APEX

May 14th, 2pm EDT

Interested in giving your APEX application a face-lift? The ambitious and design-minded among us may be tempted to add 3rd Part Design libraries to our applications. We will take a look at Google's Material ( and discuss (1) What it is (2) Why you might like it and (3) How you can begin using it. 

Extensions EBS avec APEX - Trop beau pour être vrai

19 mai, 2020 10h00 HAE

Depuis plus de 5 ans maintenant, Insum est activement impliqué dans le développement d'extensions E-Business Suite pour des compagnies à travers le monde.

Sylvain Martel, Francis Mignault et Patrick Monaco soutiennent qu'APEX est la meilleure plateforme pour moderniser le développement EBS. Venez échanger avec eux!

Forms to APEX / Tools and methodology

May 21st, 2pm EDT

David Peake, Product Manager, Oracle Application Express, is our special guest this week!

David and Francis have been working with Oracle Forms for over 20 years, and will chat about why and how you can use APEX to modernize Oracle Forms applications.

Not to be missed for anybody using Oracle Forms!

Convirtiendo Forms a APEX sin morir en el intento

26 de mayo de 2020 2 pm EDT

Convirtiendo Forms a Apex sin morir en el intento 

  • Gestionar el proyecto de manera eficaz
  • Un vistazo a la utilidad de migración de Forms del "Apex Builder" 
  • Autenticación, usuario y privilegios: entendiendo la seguridad de Forms vs Apex
  • Tips para conversiones exitosas

EBS Extensions with APEX - Too good to be true

May 28th, 2pm EDT

Come and hear from Anton Nielsen and Sylvain Martel,  2 pros that have been actively developing APEX applications, often called extensions, for Oracle E-Business Suite organizations around the globe.

Come and hear their thoughts and experiences about why APEX is just too good to be true!

Gestion de sources et déploiements

2 juin, 2020 10h00 HAE

Au cours de cette session à ne pas manquer, Vincent et Hayden discuteront de la façon dont un tout nouveau projet APEX est lancé sur Git.

 Ils couvriront les bonnes manières de collaborer parmis l'équipe de développement et les bonnes pratiques d'un cycle de développement dans un contexte de sprint.
 Ils dévoileront également APEXcl, un nouvel outil pour améliorer la qualité du code APEX



Get your Hands Dirty with the Oracle Cloud

June 4th, 2020 2 pm EDT

Did you know there’s a free Oracle Cloud? It’s the Oracle Cloud Free Tier account.

In this session, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Specialist Luc Demanche and Oracle ACE Adrian Png show you how to get the most out of it.

They’ll point out limitations and gotchas, cover next steps and why upgrade to the paid version.

APEX y JET - Gráficos JET personalizados

9 de junio de 2020 2 pm EDT
En esta sesion exploraremos como aprovechar el potencial de Oracle JET para personalizar graficos en APEX usando la gran variedad de elementos presentes en el JET Developer Cookbook.

From Zero to Application in 45 Minutes

June 11th, 2020 2 pm EDT
One attendee will be selected as a subject matter expert (SME) to define an application and guide its development using Quick SQL and short development sprints. The SME will determine the session's course based on application needs. With any luck, the participant will have a functioning application, including installation scripts, by session's end!

Démarrage Express Oracle Cloud

16 juin 2020, 10h00 HAE

Luc Demanche, spécialiste de la plateforme Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, et Patrick Monaco discuteront du Oracle Cloud Free Tier.

Ils évoqueront: les avantages et limitations de cette offre, quel est son contenu, comment optimiser l'usage des services disponibles de type "Always Free", et plus encore.

Je m'inscris

PaaS for SaaS - You can extend Fusion Application Cloud with APEX

June 18th, 2020 2 pm EDT

Moving to Fusion Cloud Applications is challenging for organizations when it comes to fitting all their business processes into the strict framework of a SaaS like ERP Cloud. One answer is to “extend” Fusion Cloud Applications with APEX. In this session Sylvain and Matt Hauser from AXIA discuss our adventures in bringing APEX to SaaS applications.

Herramientas de productividadd

23 de junio de 2020 2 pm EDT

Todos tenemos nuestra propia forma de trabajar y nuestras herramientas favoritas. En este episodio Angel y Jorge nos compartirán algunas herramientas esenciales que usan día a día para incrementar su eficiencia en el desarrollo de aplicaciones Oracle APEX.

Me inscribo

Final Episode! Insum's Top 10 APEX Tips

June 25th, 2020 2pm EDT

Join hosts Monty, Michelle and Francis for a fun recap of our Insider 10-week adventure, and a not-to-be missed 'Top 10 APEX Tips' from our APEXperts.

Your host, Monty Latiolais

Known for his iconic cowboy hat that was a mainstay at Oracle events everywhere, Monty is eager to meet you all and share his passion for all things Oracle in this unique format.

Speakers and Topics

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